Living Room Makeover

For a long time, I have wanted to change up the colour of our living room and make a few other changes to brighten up our main living space. By a long time, I mean 7+ years so to say I was excited when the opportunity to parter with Benjamin Moore presented itself is an understatement.

I’d like to think I’m handy and can do it all but the truth is hubs is the handy to my creative. I get all these ideas and he is the one that really puts everything together. One thing I’ve always disliked about our house are the random brown feature walls all over the place. That was the first thing to go when planning our living room makeover. I started on painting the wall grey while Mike framed and created the top part of our built ins to extend to the ceiling. For full details on our renovation project you can check out this post here.


The entire surface required a light sand before we could begin priming the wall unit for paint. We used INSL-X STIX Primer to set the stage for the paint. STIX is the highest quality, waterborne, acrylic urethane primer/sealer. STIX can be used on almost any surface including PVC, plastic, fiberglass, metals, siding, tile, vinyl, glass, wood, plaster and drywall.

You know I like to keep it real with you guys… this stuff lives up to it’s name because it actually STICKS! We made the mistake of using a sprayer for this step. It was literally sticking inside the sprayer and ended up shooting out in chunks! * que the tears * and dust everywhere from having to sand the mess after. Probably should have read the part about it having an extremely hard film once cured. OOPS!

Would it really be a DIY home reno project if there wasn’t some kind of story that came from it tho?! Now that it’s all done and really does look better than either of us ever imagined we can have a good laugh at our little hiccup.


Now on to the paint! This is where I started happy dancing! We knew right away we wanted the unit to be white to carry over from our white kitchen. To make things easy in the future we went with Benjamin Moore ADVANCE Interior Paint Pearl in “Simply White”. There are SO many shades of white. After trying to match a few to our kitchen we just decided to go with one of their staple shades of white. You can check out their range of colours here.

Benjamin Moore ADVANCE Interior Paint was recommended by the helpful staff at their Langley Design Centre location. I took one of our kitchen drawers with me to match the finish on our living room built ins. Right away she assured me the Pearl sheen was what we wanted. She also offered a custom colour match like it was no big deal but we went ahead with the Simply White shade instead of always having a custom mix needed for touch ups or future projects. ( Yes hubs, there will be many more to come xoxo)

I really don’t know much about the specifics of paint but you can find all the features and info about their Advance line on their website here.

My jaw literally dropped when the painting was all done. I still can’t believe how much this has changed the whole feel of the space!

Thank you

Every step of the makeover has been SO exciting! Even the smallest changes have made me giddy because let’s be honest – progress is progress! The finished product is such a good reflection of what we both wanted. You guys, I can’t even. I’m literally ob-sessed with our new living room! A lot of our time at home is spent in the kitchen/living room. I can’t wait to create more memories here with our boys.

If you’re working on a project of your own you can find your local Benjamin Moore Retailer here. Thank you for following our makeover and hope you even found some inspiration of your own.


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