Gallery Wall Tutorial

Gallery Wall Tutorial


Hey friends! I’ve been wanting to share this with you for a long time so I’m really excited to finally have it put together for you! WHOOP! You guys! Let me start by giving my guy a shout out for putting up with all my little projects around the house! He measured out and hung 8 pics only for me to decide I wanted 12 so 99 holes in the wall later and our gallery is hung 👏🏻! Basically professionals now so we’re good to go for next time 😏riiiiiiight?!!

We used:

12 IKEA Ribba 50x70 frames
12 16x20 prints from Fujifilm Printlife
1   IKEA FIXA hanging kit

Our Process:

  1. FIND THE CENTRE : Measure your wall (both vertically and horizontally) to find your centre point.
  2. FIND YOUR HOOK HEIGHT : Measure from the top of the frame to the hook (ours measured 11cm)
  3. SPACE BETWEEN FRAMES : Decide how much space you want between your pictures! I’ve heard 2” is “perfect spacing” but we went with 3cm (1.18” to be exact)
  4. BREATHING ROOM : Now the math! 🙃 Wall height minus picture frames minus space between each pic = top and bottom size (space above and below your gallery wall) Take that number and divide by two.
    Ex. Wall height 256cm
 Picture Frames 70cm x 3 = 210cm
 Spacing between rows 3cm x 2 = 6cm     >>256cm - 201cm - 6cm = 40cm divided by 2 = 20cm on top & 20cm on bottom <<
  5. FIRST ROW : Take that number and add your number from step 2.
    Ex. 20cm + 11cm = 31cm
    This gives you your measurements for your first row. Add the size of the frame + your desired space between each frame for your second row of hooks and repeat again for your third row.
    Ex. Second row: 31cm + 70cm + 3cm = 104cm
    Ex. Third row: 104cm + 70 + 3cm = 177cm or just add 73cm between each row of hooks after the first row!
    I know it looks confusing AF you guys but I’m a perfectionist and in the end it’s honestly SO WORTH IT!!!
  6. Work outwards from your centre point. Our frames are 50cm across and we used a 3cm spacing. From our centre line to the right and left we measured 1.5cm + 25cm to place our first hooks. 26.5 to the left and right of the center line.
  7. Add your full frame size plus your spacing for your outside hooks!
    Ex. 50cm Frame + 3cm spacing = 53cm from your inside hooks to your outside hooks!
    Check your work with a level!
    ** we hung all the frames with wall anchors and screws **

Once this step is done it’s safe for your spouse to return to the room 🙈🤪 in this case me! 😂 it’s all good we’re still married!

Choose which order you want your pictures in and hang them up! It’s okay to rearrange them until you’re happy! At this point it’s a minor detail!

**Pro tips!**
Use Command Pic Strips along the bottom to secure your pics from tipping especially if you’ve got wild children like us! 🙈
Flip the matting that comes with the IKEA RIBBA frames for a brighter white look!


TA-DA!  Would love to see what you come up with in your own spaces! Send me your pics! Thanks so much for following along and I promise I have some more exciting home projects in the works so stay tuned!


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